Thursday, February 3, 2011

Make-ahead Sandwiches

As a stay-at-home mother of three kids, there are two things I can never have enough of...time and money. So, when I can find something that saves me BOTH, I'm thrilled. :) And here is one solution to popping together quick lunches to take to school in the morning. Little peanut butter and jelly sandwich pockets that I make myself with my cool little gadget from Pampered Chef (and I am SO gonna' make some Nutella ones, as well), only these are so much healthier than the frozen store-bought ones, as this is all fruit spread and whole wheat bread, which Little Bit likes better anyway. Happiness for me! But to monopolize on time and handy-ness (washing the cutter ONCE a week, rather than every morning), I make up several at once, then wrap in plastic wrap and then pop them all in one big reusable freezer bag. Wah-lah. I just saved myself five minutes on a school morning, which, as far as I'm concerned, is priceless.