Thursday, April 23, 2009

One down...

I finally finished the first baby quilt for the fair. I hope someone out there likes it. LOL I fell in love with the design and colors...will be sad to see it go. Well, happy and sad, you know? Anyway, thought I'd post the pics...glad to have one down anyway. Several more to go. I've been cutting out these past few time consuming, but so necessary, too. It takes so long, but you don't really feel like you've accomplished much, because you haven't sewn any. shrug. Oh, well. That's gotta' get done, too. Anyway, enjoy the pics. Hopefully more to follow!

The front...

View with back, also...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More monsters and a bracelet

Well, still getting things together for the craft fair. I've managed to finish several friends for my first little monster, with many more in the works. I went sock shopping this past weekend and was able to find several interesting pairs just waiting to becoming little monsters. :) I've also started making some jewelry for the fair, too, something I used to do but haven't done in quite a while. It's a good thing for me to work on at night while my husband watches his shows. I can never sit idle in front of the TV. I have to work on something, else I feel like I'm wasting time. shrug. Speaking of wasting time...I really should get back to work while the boys are asleep...Have a great Tuesday everbody!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One of those days

Well, this is one of those days. I've a fussy baby who wouldn't take his nap and now just wants to be held all day, a four-year-old who wouldn't sleep last night and is MAJORLY grumpy and argumentative today, not to mention I've already succeeded in breaking my favorite white rectangle platter. sigh. I'm afraid to do any sewing today, lest I sew a sleeve to a neckhole or cut through the fabric trying to snip a thread. Just one of those days. I will, however, leave you with some pics of my little sock monster I made the other day...on a good day, thankfully. Hope your Wednesday is going better than mine!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

new baby quilt

So, I finally pieced the first of my baby quilts to take to the fair. I hope to get at least three done, maybe more, but I have a lot of little stuff I want to get done, too, and I am not sure how much I can get finished in the time I have left. shrug. Oh, well. I'll do the best I can. Like I said, hopefully at least three. I really like this fabric. It's very modern and "different." I'm not a big fan of the traditional baby quilt fabrics...all pastels with small woodland animals scattered everywhere with lots of ribbons and bows. And teddy bears. I think I am one of the only people in the world that really just doesn't like teddy bears. No, wait. Neither does my daugther. LOL Okay, so there's two of us. :) She's such an odd duck, too. She likes "odd" animals. In fact, she got an "Easter penguin" in her basket Sunday. She has an almost life-sized alligator, several dragons, and a dinosaur that she loves to pieces, though she also loves her many puppies and cats, so there is some semblance of normalcy in her toy choices. Still, she will NOT play with teddy bears. Anyhow, thought I'd share a picture of my newest quilt. I think it would look very pretty in either a boy's room or a girl's. I'll have to post again when it's all quilted and done.

Have a good Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You know you're addicted when...

When you get over thirty yards of various fabrics in the mail and all you can think as you run your fingers longingly through the various designs, I wish I had more of this! :) Or some in the other color....or I wish I had gotten the fish one, too.... LOL

And Aislinn's mermaid dress...well, she's revolted. sigh. Actually, in her words, "I changed my mind. I still like the mermaids, but I don't want a mermaid dress." (I only bought it at $9 a yard, I say sarcastically to myself). sigh. She fell in love with some floral stuff I bought for the craft fair, so she's getting it for a dress, and I can play with the mermaid stuff (FreeSpirit), which really isn't so bad. :) Skirt for me, perhaps??? :) LOL We'll see. If I buy a little more, I could make a quilt. As it is, I have three designs from the series. :) See. Addicted.

Oh, and Aislinn has informed me she's going to be a chef. But I'm sure whatever she is will be very artsy. The kid is four and has NO TROUBLE (I mean NONE) staying in the lines when she colors and when she draws, you KNOW what it is. She's very good. Maybe she'll become a fabric designer and I will never want for fabric again. LOL One can dream, huh?
By the way, here are some felt noodles, I've made for my etsy shop and the fair, displayed in one of Aislinn's little plates. Gavin was trying to eat some of hers today. :) Naturally, because it wasn't real, he'd eat it! Wish he'd eat real noodles...those boys are just so picky!!!