Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stop Its

This was just too funny not to share. For some reason, unbeknownst to all but them, my baby boys have decided that Cocoa Puffs are called "Stop Its." You can imagine the look on my face the first time they asked for these. And how hard I laughed when I figured out what they were talking about. The ONLY (and I mean ONLY) thing I can think of is one of the first days I offered them some, one of them (I don't remember which one now) was trying to take his brother's, and he didn't like it. (Get it? Stop its?) So, I figured maybe that was it...they think of them as those things they have to defend from the other, maybe? LOL They are so hilarious, my babies. And SOOOO in sync with each other. They are, of course, identical twins, so this makes sense, but it constantly amazes me how they ALWAYS understand each other, even when they say things that apparently make no sense to me. Like Stop Its. :)

And I still get a little giggle every time I get to say, "Hurry up and eat your stop its, hun." :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One More

And here we go again. Same pattern, different sleeves and a contrasting strip sewn to the bottom (that matches the sleeves and bodice). This is my favorite pattern for her so far, though she's about to outgrow it...I'm having to alter it already. Wanted to get a few more tops out of it before I couldn't use it any more.

And the plus...I made the whole thing (minus cutting out, which I already did) in one day! WITH (and here's the clencher) the kids playing around me. I put my old machine in the kitchen and went at it while they played. AND I even took them, GASP, in my sewing room to do the button holes (my new machine does that SO much better.) And they didn't destroy anything! LOL Finally, the boys are getting old enough to start (slowly) taking them with me in the sewing room. They're just so rambunctious and there's so much for them to get hurt on in there, that I've tried to keep them out most of the time. But it's coming!! Yea!!

New Fall Top

I love the way this top turned out for my Little Bit. The sleeves are a tad bit longer, the brown fabric, a bit thicker (for fall), and the colors, perfect. What makes it even better was it was practically a freebie. The pattern is from's grab bag of cottom remnants, and the brown is leftover from something I made myself years ago...not even sure any more, to be honest. Anyway, she loves it, and so do I. I especially like the flower-shaped mother of pearl buttons at the back. The finishing touch. :)

Repurposed Dress

My Little Bit has grown a lot lately, right out of a lot of her dresses! And so I was left with a couple (and one in particular) dresses that I just HATED to put away. You might remember this one I made a while back. Anyway, it dawned on me that the same pattern for this dress is the same one I used to make her some tops, so I just lopped off the bottom, hemmed it up nice and neat and WAH-LAH. New shirt. :) She likes it, and it's the perfect length to wear to school with the jeans. It's very cute, and she's very happy with it. After all, this was the dress she designed. :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting Ready for School

I promised Little Bit I'd make her a pencil case out of her favorite new "penguin" material (it actually has a LOT of other animals on it, but THAT's the one she zones in on, of course!). But it was kinda' thin, and I was afraid she'd rip it or poke a sharpened pencil through it. (She is certainly NOT dainty or even CAREFUL with anything...more like a tornado through a china shop most days.) So, I opted for denim with a reverse applique of one of the little penguins. I used the adorable pattern/tutorial from orange flower. I didn't do the pieced fabric, as the tutorial did, so I just kinda' quilted in little patterns over the whole thing and used coordinating (with the penguin fabric) dots for the inside. I think it turned out quite nice. :) (Though sewing the second half of the zipper up was a PAIN AND A HALF!) Still, success. And she loves it, which is what matters, anyway. :)

(note: I really need to find a better place to take pictures...the lighting stinks!)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Amigurumi II

For the boys' birthday, I made them two little arigurumi elephants.

I thought they turned out cute, especially considering they were pretty much my first attempt at amigurumi. I was pleased. They like them, taking their trunks and moving them and making very adorable baby elephant noises that I cannot replicate either in type or in person. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010


I told Little Bit she could get her ears pierced if she wanted to, when she turned five. At first, when she turned five, she didnn't want to, but then, some 10 months later, she decided she was brave enough. And here they are...

She was so sweet and so terrified and so brave.
I was very VERY proud of her.
She seemed to age three years that day.
I think I aged about thirty. Sigh...

Friday, August 6, 2010


Here's a "Happy Friday!" from a little purple penguin friend. She was Little Bit's "Happy Brother's Birthday" present. She loved her and named her Annie.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Skirt

I have had this skirt for me cut out for well over a year now. (Tells how often I actually sew for MYSELF, right? LOL) I kept pushing it aside, needing to work on more urgent projects, like clothes for the kids, or more interesting projects, like my fall quilt. But FINALLY, I got around to this the other day. And while I won't put it in my favorite things ever catagory, I'm fairly pleased with it, I must say.

New Look 6811

I will say that I shouldn't have used such a busy fabric and still did the pockets. They blend in and you can't even see them. It would have made more sense to just do simple ones for all that they almost disappear into the pattern. Also, as cute as I thought the fabric was (and I wasn't about to use expensive or my favorite to try out a pattern I wasn't sure I'd like anyway), it's really hard to match, actually, and I don't think this particular shade of pink (almost a salmon, but not exactly) is actually anyone's color. LOL Also, since I cut it out a YEAR ago, I've actually lost a smidge of weight since then (no complaining here) and it's a tad too big. (ah. Darn.) Of course, I had added a little bit of width to it, so now I can make it exactly by the pattern and not have to worry about that. So, that's good. :) But all in all, I have to say it's a simple, good pattern, and a nice skirt. :) Best of all, it's COMFORTABLE!! Which is a HUGE plus for me. I think I will definately use this pattern again, though this time, I will use a khaki or a linen for it, maybe, and I think I want one long one for this fall. (Though as hot as it's been lately, it's hard to think it will EVER be cool again! LOL)