Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids' Clothes Week Challenge

Okay, so this week is supposed to be the kids' clothes week challenge, where you're supposed to dedicate the entire week to making kids' clothes...if you sew, that is. I actually got a head start last week, finishing up some projects I've had cut out for ever next to my sewing machine, and I was going to take pictures today, but, as luck would have it, my camera battery is completely dead. So, maybe tonight if I get back around to it. But anyway, I have already made the boys some pj shorts (long for more warmth and so they don't outgrow them in two weeks...), cut off a pair of Little Bit's pj pants she had ripped (They are pj SHORTS now), and made her a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, and finally finished a top. I also made them all some t-shirts using bought appliques, an owl for the girl, firetrucks for the boys. They LOVE them. Hopefully, I'll have more to show before the week is up! I'm having a blast getting back to my sewing machine after so long long of...nothing. I've really missed it. And it feels soooo good to finally be getting some of my projects finished, for once! I'll try and get the pics up soon! Also, unrelated, but I am working on a knitted/crocheted baby blanket for my etsy shop. Hopefully, I'll have it finished and pics up before too long! Anyone else working on this challenge?

Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, it seems springtime is in full swing around here. As soon as the nice weather hits, it's like I'm hit with this obsession to go outside and garden. Unfortunately, this doesn't last all the way through summer, as once the full blown heat kicks in, I tend to melt, quite literally. LOL I need to live somewhere where it gets warm, but not hot, I guess. Shrug. But right now, I am just in love with the color starting to appear in my backyard! I spent the majority of the last few days outback, working in the garden, planting new flowers and such. The boys and I planted sunflowers, corn, a pumpkin (thought they would love watching THAT grow), some tomatoes (roma and celebrity) and some Zinnias. I also have some Oregnao and a few things I planted the other day that haven't had time to sprout, yet. But anyway, thought I would share a little of my garden with you! I just love the springtime! Second ONLY to fall. :)