Monday, October 17, 2011

Full Hands

So, I took all three kids to the post office by myself today. Now, I know that people everywhere take lots of kids with them to various locations, and please don't for one moment think that I don't take my kids with me when I go somewhere, or that I think three is some rediculously large number. Of course not. Only know that my kids are EXCEPTIONALLY energetic and playful. :) They are NEVER the kids sitting quietly in the stroller or happily holding mommy's hand as we stroll through a store. Nope. I have the ones who giggle, then break into screaming laughter. The ones who pull things down off all the shelves...or try to. The ones who are EVER loud and rambunctious. Bad? No. Misbehaving? Not usually. Rowdy? Often. :) And they, of course, just feed off the other's excitement when they're together. So, all that to say that we were loud and noticeable (albeit well-behaved) today when we walked up to the counter to mail my packages.

I should also point out that my boys are twins...and toddlers. And identical. So, EVERYONE notices them. I have long noticed that twins have this way of drawing attention everywhere you go, so that perfect strangers think they should just come right up to you and divulge their life story if they, themselves are twins, have twins, are related to twins, know twins, or have ever even met a twin. It's like the "twin club" you automatically get put into whether you intend it or no. And while most of the time, people are nice as pie, and I have never minded the attention, sometimes you can get quite the insulting confrontations. Really? Someone wants to argue with me, their MOTHER, that they're not identical because one of the boys' hair looked darker? (He was sitting in the shade...). Really? If you have nothing better to contribute to the coversation, just smile at the cute twins and keep walking. Though I am always polite and just try to ignore them. Not worth the arguement.

But anyway, post office...

So, we went in, and, of course, all three kids want to be held up to see, so while I'm telling the man (who also is a twin and has a set of twin sisters...see, told you. Twin club.), I have to take turns holding them up to see over the counter. So, then the lady behind me, comments. "Are those twins?"

I smile and say yes.

Then I get the inevitable comment. "Bless you're heart!" Apparently, I am in need of much blessing, as I hear that a LOT. Of course, I'll take all the blessings the Good Lord wants to bestow. :)

I again, just smile. What do you say?

Then the kids are done standing at my side (can't hold their hands while I'm paying), so they are chasing sister over to the side to investigate the door and other things post office-y. And they all seem amazed that I dared bring them all. (Though not offended, at least. I cannot stand to be near people who do not like children. Do they forget they, themselves, were once one as well???)

And then comes the other inevitable comment. The one I hear the most often.
"Boy, you've got your hands full!" I've heard that one so many times, I should really just wear it on a t-shirt and save people the trouble. LOL (Though I am curious to know how people must react to a family of five or six??? I only have three, after all, twins or not.)

So, I just smile and mention it's naptime. Because, it is, and we all had a late night the day before, and my kids get more excited the more tired they are. Odd how kids do that.

They laugh and say "Yours, right?" Meaning my naptime. Again, I laugh and smile, because quite frankly, I could use one, even if it had nothing to do with the kids today.

Seriously, though, the trip was basically uneventful and calm, a quick trip to do an errand. And yet, people, friendly though they may be, act as though I should get an award for daring to bring all three with me alone.

And it brought to mind a Bible passage...

Psalm 127: 4-5
As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them...

And it's so true. Children are gifts straight from God. Not accidents or mistakes, nevermind how they got here. And while most people do show their like for children, I am constantly amazed at how many people think three a lot.

Sure, kids are a lot of work, a lot of trouble, take a lot of energy, a lot of money, change your life totally and completely, turn your schedule upside down and rearrange a lot if not all of your plans on many occasions, and yeah, twins are more work than having a singleton. Duh. You just had TWO kids, not one. Obviously, there will be more work included, and esp. if you have another kid already. But kids are also the most fun you will ever have, the most rewarding experience you will ever have, and the most love and enjoyment you will find on this earth. And each new child is more hugs, more kisses, more fun, more joy, more love! (and, yes, more noise. LOL But happy noise is good noise.)

And so yes, my hands are very full. And happy is the woman whose hands are full. :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

In the Quiet...

I love the house when it's all quiet at night...which is actually quite odd for me, when I am a hands down lover of background noise (the TV or radio is almost always on during the day, even if no one is watching/listening). But there's something about nighttime, when everyone else is in bed, sound asleep, and I'm the only one up in this darkened, quiet house. Sometimes I sew, sometimes I cook (bake), sometimes I read, sometimes I crochet, often I pray. It's a very good time to talk to God, with no distractions. Actually, I was thinking the other day of my "prayer closet" (theoretically, of course...I don't have an ACTUAL closet) because we were discussing ours at a WMU meeting a while back. (That's Women's Missions, by the way, if you were wondering.) The ladies (and the article we were discussing) talked about their "prayer closets" or for those of you unfamiliar with the term, their special place to pray, to talk to God. And honestly, I talk to him a good bit when I'm up sewing at night. Or in my bed as I lie there long after my husband has gone sound asleep. What do I talk about? Anything. Everything. Nothing. Depends on the night. I ask for forgiveness. I ask for help. I ask him to help me be a better mother, to not let little things bother me. I ask to not get so irritated sometimes at silly things. I never ask for patience, because patience is learned by trials, and who wants more of those? I talk to God about things. About what I what, what I think, what I have to do. I pray for my children, for my husband, and for our family's safety. I try to always ask his will, though, when I ask for things, for I know He knows far better what I need than I do. I do know that, and I do trust Him. No one loves me or knows me better. I also know that. And I always tell him I love Him. Because I do. I try to listen, too, to what He wants me to do, but I'm not always as good with the listening part...something I need to work on.

But thinking on this, I must say, I guess I don't really have a special PLACE to pray, though certainly my bed and my sewing room get more formal prayer than most other places. I talk to God off and on throughout my day. I pray for little things. "Please, God, let my child win the game!" (Isn't it wonderful when they beat us at a game without our having to cheat to make it happen? :) ) I pray for practical things. "Please God let it rain." I pray when I'm afraid. "Please God let me kill this spider on the first throw!" And I thank Him. I thank Him for such wonderful children I love. I thank Him for this loving, comforting family and our safe, happy home, when so many in far away countries do not even have a roof over their head, whose countries stay in unrest... I thank Him for little things, like my pumpkin plants not dying, yet. (And yes, I thanked Him for us being able to kill the HUGE spider before it could hide under my dryer and make it impossible for me to wash clothes in there again...) And I thank Him for big things, "Thank you, God, for healing my precious boy and taking away his fever!" or "Thank you, God, for giving me MS, instead of something so very much worse!" I've prayed that a lot. And I mean every word of it. From the beginning, I just kept thinking, relieved, of all the things it wasn't, of all the things God had saved me from. Though don't for one moment think this is any reflection of me. That peace was from God alone. I'm not that good, not that calm, or together. He was there, guiding me, helping me, from day one. And, of course, I've had some ups and downs, though He was with me, helping me through each and every one. And I couldn't have managed without Him, my God, my Savior, my Heavenly Father, my Friend. I honestly don't know how anyone does, even without chronic diseases.

All this to say...I like the quiet, the calm, the peaceful, and we should all take time and remember these words.

"Be still and know that I am God."

Because He is. God. Creator of everything. And even though He is the all powerful, all knowing, MIGHTY God He is, still, He loves me and hears my tiny voice. For I am His.

Praise God for that!

Hidden Treasures

I wanted to post this link and let everyone know about a blog just started called Hidden Treasures, where they will be auctioning off handmade items to help pay for the adoption of a boy with Down Syndrome from overseas. He is in an orphanage where he has not been treated well and is malnurished. If you want more information, you can find it here... Hidden Treasures. If you do not wish to bid on any items, you can still make a monitary donation towards the adoption of this sweet child. If you cannot do that, you can certainly pray for this child, the orphanage where he currently resides, and the precious family trying to bring him home.