Friday, July 9, 2010

Book Guilt

I love books. Books of all kind. Romance, Sci-fi, fantasy (my fav.), classics, history... And not just fiction. Not only do I love fiction, but those informative books that tell how people lived way back when. Life in a Mideval Castle/Village/City are some of my particular favorites. But I also love cook books, sewing books, crafting books. And it's not just the information, either. Sure, I can get loads of patterns, recipes, stories, etc. online. I could even go out and buy one of those Kindle reader things (which I'm sure is way cool if you do a lot of traveling), BUT I love BOOKS. I guess I'm a purist, because I love how they FEEL in my hand, the way the pages FEEL against your fingers and SOUND as you turn them in the middle of the night, when you're the only one awake in a quiet, dark house, everyone else having long gone to sleep. I just love books.

But here's the guilt. It's this little place on the internet. sigh. I've heard tales that most of the little privately owned bookstores, and even some of the larger chains, are in danger from a certain online discount store. And I feel for those other companies, I really do. I get so sad to see any store close,'s the thing. I'm not helping, because I, too, shop online. sigh. But what am I supposed to do when I can get my coveted cookbook for $10 cheaper online!!! (plus free shipping) And when I usually order two or three at a time, it adds up quick! And as a stay at home mother of three, I try to take stock of every dollar, to save where I can, to be thrifty. And so, what am I to do??? I can't afford to go buy my books at the local bookstores. Maybe once in a blue moon. (I always buy journals where I can see them and put my hands on them, not online). I feel guilty about it. I do. But I really don't see that I have much choice, that my hand is forced in the matter. Unless the bookstores find SOME way to make it more comparable, I can't do much to help them out...


Anyone else feel my pain?


-mimi- said...

I totally feel your pain I was using ALL of my fun money on books and then still wanting more :) I am purist as well but I started using the FREE kindle for PC and downloading the FREE books they offer. That way I get my reading itch scratched and I don't break the bank ;)It is nice but it is also not the same as holding a actual book :(

The Muse of The Day said...

I feel your pain. I could replace Barnes & Noble if they ever have a bad day. Have you tried reading any Alison Weir, she writes historical fiction (medieval period)? She is next on my list - I hear all good things about her. Carolina