Friday, September 24, 2010

Crocheted Purse

This is a new little passport bag-style purse I made for Little Bit. It was supposed to be for her birthday, but it actually came around about four days later. Oh, well. It's a little too Pepto Bismol pink for my liking, but she loves it. She's going through this pink phase. I guess every little girl does. I was mostly a tom boy when I was little, and I STILL had that pink and purple stage. Go figure. But she really likes the beads on it, too, and I was quite pleased with how that turned out. They're not sewn on separately, but actually crocheted right in. That way, it not only looks nice, but they're a lot sturdier, which is good when I have two three-year-olds running around the house. I need to make me one like this, only in fall colors (and no beads). Would be nice to grab when I just have to run to the store and don't want to take my tote bag of a purse with me. :)

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