Monday, April 16, 2012


Well, it seems springtime is in full swing around here. As soon as the nice weather hits, it's like I'm hit with this obsession to go outside and garden. Unfortunately, this doesn't last all the way through summer, as once the full blown heat kicks in, I tend to melt, quite literally. LOL I need to live somewhere where it gets warm, but not hot, I guess. Shrug. But right now, I am just in love with the color starting to appear in my backyard! I spent the majority of the last few days outback, working in the garden, planting new flowers and such. The boys and I planted sunflowers, corn, a pumpkin (thought they would love watching THAT grow), some tomatoes (roma and celebrity) and some Zinnias. I also have some Oregnao and a few things I planted the other day that haven't had time to sprout, yet. But anyway, thought I would share a little of my garden with you! I just love the springtime! Second ONLY to fall. :)

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