Friday, March 6, 2009

About time!

Alright, here I go. I've been talking about this blog, even started the darn thing, but I haven't done anything about it, and I've decided it's about time I did this. I really do enjoy reading other people's blogs about what they've accomplished or what new techniques/ideas they've tried, and I thought it would be fun to do my own version. So here I go. Watch me go. LOL

Anyway, I DID finally figure out how to get my pics on etsy, and I now have my shop open and active, with...I think 10 things on it so far. I've made some little tag ribbon blanket toys and a couple sock monkeys, so it's a start. I even made a suede hand painted journal and put on it. So, I'm very excited about it all. I even had my first sale from someone I don't know the other day! LOL I was so excited. I think my husband thought I had lost my mind jumping around the house telling him about it. Needless to say, I was thrilled. So, I packaged it up as fast as I could--meanwhile, my husband is really wishing I would just turn off the lights so he could go to sleep--so he could take it to work with him and mail it for me. I try not to go anywhere by myself if I can help it, at least not with all three kids. It's a big hassle to get all three kids in and out of the car by myself, and let me just tell you, I'm a terror with the double stroller. LOL No, really, I have run my poor boys into every known obsticle there is. Needless to say, my dear husband is usually the one pushing them while I tend to my daughter. And then, heaven help me if I have to take all three kids to the bathroom in anywhere but Sam's and Wal-mart. Now, I have a lot of problems with Wal-mart, I do, and I won't get into them here and now, but I will sing their praises on the "FAMILY RESTROOM!" That is just the most awesome thing EVER! We had them everywhere when we lived in England, but here, almost no one has them. You're lucky if they even have a changing table put up in the bathroom. I'm still trying to understand why most fast food places, who are supposed to be family friendly, don't put up changing tables in their restrooms. Go figure, huh? But these reasons are generally why I wait to do all my big shopping with my hubby at my side. Plus, I generally tend to forget things while I'm trying to see to the needs of three kids. LOL But it's all good, and we have fun going everywhere as a family. I'd rather do that than go alone. I don't like going by myself. The closest I ever do to that is going to the grocery store with my daughter. We will occasionally venture out on Sunday afternoons, in between church, but I really never go anywhere alone. I kinda' like it that way. It's good to be together.

I haven't been sewing much lately, except for a sock monkey my friend requested, because we've been ripping up the floors in the bathroom and the laundry room to put in tile. We finally finished the grout last night, though, so thankfully that's done. Now, however, we're trying to get the whole house painted. sigh. Work, work, work. I'll be glad when it's all done, though, and everything looks nice.

Well, I suppose I have ranted enough for one day.

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