Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You know you're addicted when...

When you get over thirty yards of various fabrics in the mail and all you can think as you run your fingers longingly through the various designs is...man, I wish I had more of this! :) Or some in the other color....or I wish I had gotten the fish one, too.... LOL

And Aislinn's mermaid dress...well, she's revolted. sigh. Actually, in her words, "I changed my mind. I still like the mermaids, but I don't want a mermaid dress." (I only bought it at $9 a yard, I say sarcastically to myself). sigh. She fell in love with some floral stuff I bought for the craft fair, so she's getting it for a dress, and I can play with the mermaid stuff (FreeSpirit), which really isn't so bad. :) Skirt for me, perhaps??? :) LOL We'll see. If I buy a little more, I could make a quilt. As it is, I have three designs from the series. :) See. Addicted.

Oh, and Aislinn has informed me she's going to be a chef. But I'm sure whatever she is will be very artsy. The kid is four and has NO TROUBLE (I mean NONE) staying in the lines when she colors and when she draws, you KNOW what it is. She's very good. Maybe she'll become a fabric designer and I will never want for fabric again. LOL One can dream, huh?
By the way, here are some felt noodles, I've made for my etsy shop and the fair, displayed in one of Aislinn's little plates. Gavin was trying to eat some of hers today. :) Naturally, because it wasn't real, he'd eat it! Wish he'd eat real noodles...those boys are just so picky!!!


MandMStudio said...

Awe, those noodles are cute:)

Sweet Tater said...

Thanks! My kids get a kick out of them, at least. :)