Monday, June 29, 2009

New Quilt and Ugly Muffins

I am happy to say I finished another baby quilt for my etsy shop, though I think my next one will be bigger, more throw-sized and more versatile, though it will likely be a while before I make another quilt for my shop. I have a project I need to finish up for a friend of mine, then some little things for myself and my daughter. I've been so busy with my shop, I'm a bit behind on the personal stuff. But I worked on a little skirt for her today, and I should get it finished, Lord willing, tomorrow.

As to the muffins, I tried a new blueberry muffin recipe. And though I must say, they aren't the prettiest-looking muffins--no nice rounded top like the sweet potato cranberry ones I make have (and I've made them twice now, with the same results, so I think it's just the recipe...), they are by far the BEST-TASTING muffins I've ever eaten! Man, are they good! Basically, like eating blueberry cake. :) They have a lot of butter and sugar, too, so that's probably why. :) So, not really a health food option, but definately tasty! Hmm...perhaps I should go have another one...

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TheresaG said...

mmmmm. muffins!
I am so excited about my "made to order" baby stuff! I am SO going to write a glowing review on your Etsy the minute I get them!