Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Dress and Late Night Marshmallows

Here is the other dress I finally finished for Little Bit. I love the wooden buttons in the back...though I should have made sure she had it on straight before I snapped the photo...really, it's straight! She just wiggles around a LOT. LOL Now, save a few pairs of play pants, she's pretty much done for Fall, so that's good. Now I can get on to making those Christmas presents. But she likes the dress. I asked her which one she liked best, this one or the green one, to which she replied, "I like both of them. I like all the dresses you make for me, mama." To which, I beamed, appropriately. Ah, nothing like the praise of your children to give you an instant self-esteem boost. :)

Yes, this is me (pardon the poor photography)...roasting marshmallows over my stove. Sigh. I think I need camping therapy. LOL Of course, it was my HUSBAND who got the idea to do this for a snack last night, who also got the idea to use our bamboo kabob skewers to roast them on (forks get hot...) It took every ounce I had not to bring out the chocolate and graham crackers, too... Mmmmmm....smores.... And so then I start in on this tirade about how we really need to go camping, this fall/winter. In a cabin, of course. I don't really trust tents with very small children...afraid they'll just up and leave in the middle of the night...not to mention there's nowhere to "put" them to keep them from running off. They're too young to "obey" when you say "stop!" "come back!" but they're too old (and too big) to be content in a play yard or something. Of course, it wouldn't be half as hard if they're weren't TWO. That makes a HUGE difference, esp. when they almost always run off in OPPOSITE directions. And you can only run one way at once... You know, I bet that's what they're talking about at night in their beds...plotting how best to escape. LOL Funny thing is, I could see that...

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Jill said...

HA i make smores in my toaster overn and microwave..

Invo the toaster overn goesthe marshmellows (not too long)
into the microwave goes the grahmcrackers with chocolate on them (not for long).

Then i put the marshmellow on the gramh/chocolate in the mircowave for maybe 5-10 seconds


toaster oven is to get the marshmellow abit crispy

AND yes my husband thinks I'm NUTS