Friday, October 16, 2009

Chocolate Owls

I love Halloween. I mean, REALLY love Halloween. There's just something about it that really gets me happy. Part of it is the weather. I am totally a FALL girl, so I love bright plump pumpkins and brilliantly colored leaves everywhere. I love the crunch it makes when you walk on them, the cool breeze blowing. Blue jean weather, I call it. And I love it!!! Add to that my love of dressing up I've had since a kid and an unsatiable addiction to all things chocolate, and you can see how this is an amazingly fun holiday for me. :) I generally decorate the whole house, though I've had to scale back now that I have small children...hard to put out breakables when you have a little boy who thinks he's supposed to throw everything. But still, it's just so much FUN!!! And one more thing I enjoy...making treats. :) There's just something about fall weather that sets me in baking mode, and I want to make EVERYTHING. Not a great thing when you're on a diet, but very hard to fight this baking urge I get...which is why we had cupcakes at 10:00 at night two nights ago...

And though it isn't baking, I have found a new fun pasttime in making chocolate lollipops for the kids. Little Bit LOVES them. I have to limit her, else she eat the whole batch in one sitting!!! (That's my girl! She gets it honest!!!) But I was quite happy with how they turned out, esp. since I forgot to buy a paint brush to do the little details... oops. Still, they turned out rather nice, and very tasty! And super easy to do, really! I'm going to have to get some turkey molds or something for next month, though I suppose owls can be a whole fall thing, hmm?

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TheresaG said...

I got a lot of chocolate molds from my mom, and just love making chocolates. It is a cool weather only thing for me, because I'm usually transporting the chocolate somewhere so I don't eat it all and because I don't use a double boiler or the microwave to heat the chocolate. I use the oven like mom does.
Even when we were kids, mom would set us up with our mold sheets at the oven door, opened. The oven would be on it's lowest heat and the filling chocolate would be on the racks. The detail chocolates (colors) she put in a muffin tin and would occasionally pop it into the oven to melt better. We used toothpicks for the details and had a blast. File this under "favorite childhood memories"!