Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Space Boys and a Potholder

I am SLOWLY getting to take pics of and post the Christmas presents I made for the kids. Here is one of the boys' gifts, two Space Boys from Hillary Lang's wonderful pattern. The boys like them, as does my daughter. She made them hold hands for the picture. Too cute. Anyway, I was pleased with how they turned out. I plan on making the robot, too, but I just haven't had time to get him finished.

And this is a little potholder I made from my scraps. I got to playing around with my leftovers from a quilt I'm making, and I've really been wanting to try out my new walking foot, as well as this thermo. batting stuff I bought. So, I thought, "Hey! Why not make a potholder?" Besides, mine have the uncanny and inconvenient habit of getting up and walking off somewhere, so a new one is always welcome in the drawer. :) Anyway, it's a little wonky...I got in a hurry (you tend to do that close to 2am...) and my binding is a little wrong. shrug. It's just a potholder, and I was just playing around, so I didn't feel it worth it to take it out and redo it. Besides, a couple times of spilled spagetti sauce on it, and it won't look so great anyway. :)

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