Sunday, February 28, 2010

Work in Progress

This is what I like to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the boys are asleep and Little Bit is outside helping her Daddy clean up the truck, the sounds of outside (the wind, the neighbor's windchimes, the birds) mixing with the comforting sounds of home (the dishwasher and the dryer going). This time is precious to me, and fleeting, too, as we will soon have to jump up and hurry and get supper ready and eat (I never start supper soon enough on Sundays...) and get ready for church.

I have also learned that, impatient though I usually am, there is just something so insanely satisfying about quilting something by HAND. I just love it, and, naturally, I'm doubly proud of my creation when I get it finished. All that time and work put into it, and I usually sit and work on it at night while Jason and I watch TV at night, and it's interesting. I can look at a quilt and remember practically EVERY show or movie we watched together. My last hand-quilted project was a compilation of Bones episodes and Into the Wild. Go figure, but I don't think I'll ever forget that. shrug. Weird how the memory works.

I told myself I wanted this one done, that I was just going to do it on the machine and have it done within a day or two, but it just kept calling me, beckoning me to get out that old quilting hoop and have at it. And so, the quilt won out, I suppose, over my impatient nature. And yes, I am perfectly aware that my stitches aren't perfect, and I rather prefer the bigger ones, opposed to the ones that are tiny and hidden. Truly, I'm not using excuses here. I like that old, folksy look, where I can see each stitch, each step of slow labor and smile, because I am happy with how it turned out...

And here I go, again. But oh, isn't it worthwhile. :)

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