Monday, March 1, 2010

Happy Mistake

This is the little flower tutu or "Fairy Skirt" (as Little Bit calls it...) I made it for her for Christmas, and she absolutely loved it...and ripped a hole in it the very same day (sigh). So, I FINALLY got around to fixing it today, but the thing is, I couldn't really figure out how to do it with it looking like anything, you know? Tulle isn't so very easy to stitch, at least where you can't see the stitches VERY well, and the tear was quite large and obvious. SO...I just sewed it up with purple thread, then got the idea to sew on a little purple felt heart patch, and my daughter thinks I'm a genius! LOL Got to admit, though, turned out pretty well. :) I love happy mistakes, don't you?

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