Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old Sink, New Sink

We've been wanting to replace not only our faucet in the kitchen, but also the sink, itself, for some time now. Our first choice was cast-iron, which I still love and plan to have in my "gonna' stay here" home one day. And we did, in fact, purchase one, brought it home, and would you believe was WARPED! CAST IRON! But sure enough, it was not straight and would not fit flush with our countertop (and yes, we checked it was not the countertop, but levels don't lie. The sink was NOT straight.) That, plus after careful consideration that we weren't sure our current cabinets were set up to hold that kind of weight for any prolonged amount of time, we finally just went with stainless steel. We, are, of course, trying to fix up our house as nice as possible but also trying to be frugal on what we invest in it, as we know we will eventually sell.

Anyway, this sink is a good 2 inches deeper. LOVE that feature way more than I thought I would. And it also has completely flat bottoms, as opposed to our old one that has curved corners on the bottom. So, more room, over all.

I love it. I don't even have to say a word about the faucet with sprayer. Come on! Just LOOK! :) It's awesome. Esp. since we still had the contractor grade one with broken sprayer. Fun.

So, I am very very very happy with this new addition to my kitchen (along with my new convection oven, but that's another post...) and proud of my wonderful hubby who is so good with tools!



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Jessie said...

Oh that is nice! When we replaced our sink I didn't know all I know about it now and it's already peeling and gross!! Oh well live and learn.