Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Easiest Shirt EVER!

I just finished making this shirt for Little Bit (out of some scraps from one I cut out for myself, no less--so practically a freebie, there), and I LOVE it. It has got to be the easiest shirt ever! Took me (not counting cut out time) maybe thirty minutes to make, and that's counting in the time it took to thread all the elastic through, which everyone knows can be a pain at times. Anyway, I was so happy with this pattern, I just had to share. :) Definately gonna' be more like this sometime soon. I have the perfect crinkly cotton/gauze just waiting for a good pattern, and this is it!

(note...the bottom's not crooked, just the way she's standing and it's flow-y fabric...)

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TheresaG said...

very cool looking shirt!