Sunday, August 9, 2009


I am very proud of, for adding to my etsy listings with new bracelets, but also, (and a little embarrassedly...) for learning how to use my camera to take close up shots. :) I'd taken forever to list this jewelry for that very reason...all my pictures were so far away to be in focus that you couldn't even tell any details. So, what was the point in even paying to list it, I figured. But now you can see them! I mean, I'm no photographer, but I think they turned out rather nice, and I'm happy with them, at any rate. :)

Now, my goal for this coming week...clothes. Me and my daughter and the boys. Lots of clothes to sew up and start getting ready for this fall (and birthdays...)


ThreadBeaur said...

Your photos look great! The close ups show nice detail. I found you on etsy, through the shop local.
I just moved into the area.
I am going to set up a booth at the PhunFest in Navarre, on Sept 26th!
Have you ever set up a booth there?

Sweet Tater said...

Thank you!
Actually, no, I haven't. We haven't lived here THAT long, either, actually. Just a little over a year. Good luck with your booth!