Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Calm, Productive Afternoon

Here's a stack of fabrics that I cut out into clothes for the kids. The animal print is for shirts for the boys and a dress for Little Bit for Easter. The others are for shirts for Little Bit for her first year of school this fall. sigh. Is it really time? And here's a shot of the patterns I used.

And lastly, what Little Bit did while I cut out fabrics and we talked. :) A nice afternoon. Oh, and the boys actually took NAPS! What more can one ask for?

Off for a walk now to enjoy this nice weather with my family. Hope your day was as nice and productive as mine!


TheresaG said...

you find the awesomest fabrics!

Sweet Tater said...

Thanks! (Wait 'til you see what I just ordered for my new skirt...he he he...)

-mimi- said...

You know how I am I have to ask about the cost comparison on making your own clothes for the kids versus buying new??? All the fabric I fall in love with is crazy expensive :(

Sweet Tater said...

It all depends on what you do. Making Aislinn's clothes is awesome, since she's little enough I can make a lot of her stuff out of my leftover scraps. So, I've actually had a couple "freebies." But I shop the sales. I get $9/yd. fabric on discount from for about $7.95, then I wait 'til it goes on sale, usually, for around $3-5, then I use online coupon codes to make it 15-30% off, depending on what's available at the time. I also shop for patterns at Joann's when they go on sale for 99 cents each. I definately shop the sales, BUT I have also spent full price for something I really, really wanted. (like for a certain quilt I'm making) Is it cheaper than high-end places. Yes. Is it cheaper than, say, Gap? Usually, esp. on dresses and such. (Our gap here has AWESOME sales). Cheaper than Target? On average, probably not. (not counting what I can make out of scrap.) Probably about the same. BUT, I get to pick what I want. And I usually use the money I make on etsy to buy material for stuff for me and the kids, so it works out pretty well. If you have more questions, email me or call me. :)