Monday, March 22, 2010


I love packages in the mail! I'm just like a kid, waiting on them. Even FAST shipping is too slow for me. But my package came today, and I can't wait to start cutting out my next projects. The swiss dot will probably wind up a shirt for me...or maybe even a short dress. I really haven't decided, yet. The Heather Ross prints are for a broomstick skirt for me, except the brown piece. I bought that for cute little button-up shirts for the's so hard, lately, for me to find something I like for them. Most prints I like are either too girly, too cutesy, too baby-ish, or too expensive. LOL But I think this will work, plus the fabric is super soft, like all Heather Ross's is, not at all stiff like a lot of quilting cottons are.
Anyway, thought I'd share my excitement. I'll have to show you what I come up with...but, alas, not today. Today, I'm off to plant some of my seedlings in bigger pots. But that sounds like fun, too...only if it were just a teeny bit warmer!

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