Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My Cat's on a Mission

I really don't like snakes. I mean, they're not the stuff my nightmares are made of. I don't have a phobia of them or anything. I just really, really don't like them. I don't mourn one if it gets hit by a car or meets some other untimely death. I am also not above sending out my dear hubby after one. But it's not like I wish them ALL death and torment. I do know that some of them are good, keeping the rodents and vermin at bay. I just don't want them in MY yard.

Well, we've had a run of them in our backyard lately. They're not poisonous ones, just black racers, I think. And as they're all fairly the same size, I'm surmising they all hatched together nearby, and that's why they are in sudden abundance. But it's freaking me out. I'm afraid to take the kids in the backyard, as even non-poisonous snakes can bite or just plain scare us.

Also, it's not helping that the backyard needs cutting BADLY, as we've had so much rain, it just grows and grows, and it's usually too wet and nasty to cut grass of late. (And don't get me started on the HEAT!!!) And our neighbors vine-thing has grown over our fence and down and is starting to actualy grow underneath our kids' playground, so that's got to go. Hubby's gonna' have to get out there and whack off what's hanging over. Today one was was trying to climb up the fence (and succeeding) while a bird dive bombed him, apparently trying to protect its nest, which I belive is in the vines somewhere. It was very freaky to see that snake striking at the bird, and the bird attacking it back.

BUT, this DOES explain my cat's insane (since the heat index is well above 100 lately, and he's a long-haired cat) desire to be outside at all hours of the day. He comes in to eat and drink, then cries to go right back out. He's already killed two of them. I think he thinks he's on a mission to save and protect his yard and family. It's very honorable of him. I should probably go buy him a case of his favorite gravied cat food. :)

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