Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Old and New

Well, I finished my throw/afghan, and I wanted to share with you the finished project. It's very "Fall" and VERY warm and cozy. :) I used Wool Ease from Lion Brand Yarn, so I get the washability but still have the warmth and lovliness that is wool. :) It matches the quilt in my living room almost perfectly. (I wish these pictures really did the color justice. They are much more "full" than they appear in these shots. My apologies.)

And the next is a photo of my newest crochet project. :) (To be announced)

Note: The latter was a picture of a scarf I crocheted for one of my dearest friends for Christmas, and wouldn't ya' know it, I FORGOT to take a picture of the finished project. Naturally. I...uh...do that a lot with gifts. I get so excited to send them on, that I don't take the time to shoot a picture of it. shrug. Oh, well. It turned out nice, and I want one. :) Of course, now that it's springtime...

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