Monday, November 22, 2010

Pie Making

I love to bake. And though I do like pumpkin pies, I've never actually made one. Usually, it's apple or pecan or a fruit cobbler or crumble. But I wanted to make pumpkin pie...good ole' fashioned festive pumpkin pie. So, I made for church yesterday (We had our Thanksgiving potluck after Sunday morning service) and one to freeze to eat on Thanksgiving with the family. Since I had to make one for Sunday, it seemed kind of non-productive to not go ahead and make them all at once...and so I froze it. shrug. It will have to do. I only have about a thousand things to do that day. :)

And so, at about 9 pm, I got my rolling cloth out and had at it. (Yeah, I can also be kind of a night owl...hmm...maybe THAT's why I like owls so much??? LOL) Anyway, a nice helping of Celtic music on the ipod, a nice quiet, dark house (everywhere but the kitchen where I was...and the bedroom where my husband was running on the treadmill), and I was in baker's bliss. :)

Now...I just have to make something CHOCOLATE. :)

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