Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Presents

Here's some presents I made for Little Bit for Christmas. One is her quilt, which I freehanded appliqued. I wanted to do fall images, and I absolutely fell in LOVE with this fabric a while back. I thought it was very "HER". But she didn't have a quilt that I had made her, except for a Halloween quilt, so it was time she had her own. I didn't quilt before she was born, so she didn't get a baby quilt like the boys did. And then they got their new farm quilt this Christmas, too, so she needed one as well. I think it turned out nicely.

The other is a little kitty doll, that we have lovingly named Kit. It's from the Wee Wonderfuls pattern for Kit, Louise, and Chloe, but with the adjustments to make it into a cat from the free tutorial by Sew Liberated. Because, just like her nieces, my daughter is soooo a stuffed animal girl and not really into dolls that much. I made her a little quilt for her kitty, too, that works with her doll bed my father made her last Christmas. I used the scraps leftover from her quilt, as I did for the cat's clothes, too. She is made from cashmere wool suiting with hand dyed wool for the eyes. And the best part, she was made ENTIRELY from scraps and leftovers--clothes, quilt, body (even stuffing), even the little drawstring bag to keep the clothes in. EVERYTHING was leftovers, so she was totally free!!! I love projects like that, when you can take your scraps and turn it into something so lovely. :) Just makes me feel like I accomplished something cool all the more! (Oh, and all the clothes coordinate, so she can mix and match the shirts and dresses. And I added a little snap to the cat's head to let her change out little bows. My daughter liked that feature. :) )


Jessie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I know I'm reading these posts backwards but I am so glad I discovered your blog!! I love that you even thought to make a bag for the kitties clothes! How special!! And I agree when I can use scraps I feel so smart and clever.

Sweet Tater said...

Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I liked the bag, too. :) I love it when everything has a little case or bag or something to fit into. I'm kinda' a sucker for that sort of thing. :)