Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quilt pieced...finally...

I've had this fabric waiting to be put into a quilt since probably last spring. It's been a while, for sure. But it's always something ELSE that has to get done first, a gift for someone, an order for etsy. Something. But I FINALLY got around to piecing this lovely quilt to go on my it's actually supposed to be a large throw for the foot of my (Queen size) bed...I often get cold when hubby is not, so I need something to pull over MY side of the bed. BUT, it ended up being actually a full-size quilt which will still serve the same purpose, but will also work for a guest bed or something down the road.

The first task was deciding on a pattern. As it was going to be on OUR bed, I was trying to pick something hubby would like, as well as me. Which is tough, let me tell you. We're both very picky...and in two totally different directions sometimes. LOL He's probably not overly thrilled with the mermaids, but as it wasn't pink or flowers or something, I think he'll deal with it nicely enough. :) And orange IS my favorite color, and one he likes as well. So, I picked out four or five patterns I liked, and let him pick of those. He chose this one, which is fine by me, as it was easy and quick to piece together, if not cut. (For cutting, there were lots of 7/8" and stuff like that, which I hate having to cut. But it went smoothly enough.)

And after two days of sewing (and potty training, and making meals, and snacks, and being interrupted about a thousand times an hour...) here it is. I hope to sandwich it either tonight before bed, or tomorrow night. I've learned sandwiching (and pin basting) doesn't work well with little ones running around. LOL I plan on hand quilting it, though, so it will be a few weeks before it gets to grace my bed...probably just in time for it to be warm enough that I don't need it...but isn't that how it works? :)


Jessie said...

I will be attempting my first quilt starting this week! A crib size farm quilt with some embroidered patches for my babies 2nd bday.

Sweet Tater said...

Good luck! But beware, it can be addicting! :)