Friday, January 28, 2011

Felted Wool Pillow

I have had these sweaters laying around for some time, that I didn't know what to do with. For starters, they didn't fit me any more. They were pre-baby sweaters, and there's just no way they're ever gonna' fit my body ever again. LOL Add that to a couple happy moth holes, and these were perfect candidates for a new project I wanted to try--felted wool.

So, I felted the sweaters (which anyone with a washer and dryer can easily do), then couldn't figure out WHAT to do with them. After staring at them for a full week, wondering what the perfect project would be...after all, I loved these sweaters and wanted to keep them around, the whole reason I hadn't thrown them out in the first place...I decided to cut them apart and make a throw pillow for my bed. I love it! I kept the little (now much SMALLER) pocket on the front of my lighter sweater as an accent for the pillow, and it's just so darn CUTE! I love love love it! And soooo soft and comfy to prop up on while on the computer or reading a book or something. Happy, happy, happy! I also love the fabric I chose for the backing. It's various fairy tale words: "Happily ever after," "Once upon a time," "Fee Fi Fo Fum," and the like. :) Too cute, and perfect for a sleepy time throw pillow. :) And it will look just so darling with my new quilt when I get it finished. :)


Jessie said...

I love it and I also love the mermaid fabric/sheets. Where did you get those?

Sweet Tater said...

Thanks! It's actually a quilt I just finished piecing together. The fabric is Mendocino from Heather Ross. The pattern is from Better Homes and Gardens Quilting magazine, but the name of the quilt escapes me at the moment.