Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm Not Stupid...

Really, I'm not. I took several computer classes in college, and I passed with flying fact, was that student who finishes before everyone else and winds up having to help everyone else get finished.


What's the deal with my new phone?


Okay, so I got this new phone. Let's call him Al. (Do not try and follow my brain's process to try and figure out how I know that my phone is a boy, or why his name is Al. It will probably only give you a headache...) But while Al is a smartphone, just like his predessessor, runs on the same, I just can't figure him out. So, what's the problem? Why can't I figure him out? Why do I get so frustrated trying to do or find what I need?

And there are a couple reasons for that.

First of all, I HATE change. I liked my old phone. Unfortunately, I dropped it, as I'm kind of like a human wrecking ball for mechanical things. I once got someone's tv stuck in French just trying to use the reomote... But I digress.

Really, I should have gotten another one just like it, (or at least the upgraded one like it...they don't make my old one any more) but the salesperson (and my husband, though he completely denies that he swayed my opinion in any way) convinced me this one was better since it was 4G (Yeah, we don't even have 4G here, yet...hopefully by March, though), and it had a lot more storage for music and stuff (okay, that was the deciding factor. I can use my phone like an ipod. Coolness!) And so I thought...well, it looks pretty similar, and it seems to work pretty much the same.


You cannot tell anything about how a phone works in the three minutes you have of pushing buttons to try it out. Because you aren't surfing the net. You aren't texting anyone. You aren't calling anyone. You're just playing with buttons.

And so I get it home...and it doesn't have SWYPE. WHAT?! This is a big problem for me, who types like the dickens. Really, I type fast, and having to slow down to push the tiny little screen buttons one at a time drives me insane. SWYPE does, at least, hurry that along somewhat. I have since found out I can download this, but again, another process, as you can't just go to the app store and get it. It's complicated, for some reason I don't understand.

(Also pretty annoyed that all the programs are different, the apps mostly different, everything in a different place...did I mention I don't like change???)

But the whole SWYPE annoyance brings me to another point.

I'm kinda' lazy in the whole technology scene, and my husband is partly to blame for that. Because he's like an electronical whiz, both in installing and in using it. Really, I think the man can do anything (though he would tell me he couldn't. He's a little modest, which is a good thing, I suppose. LOL). And so, it's just SOOOO much easier to go "Hey, Hun, will you put my music on my phone? I don't know how." Because then someone does it for me, and I can go back to my sewing, or baking, or chasing four year olds around the house. Whatever. Anything but electronical stuff.

Because that is point three.

It doesn't interset me. Sure, I know I'm CAPABLE of learning stuff on the computer. After all, hubby has shown me a thing or two I actually remember (and a heck of a lot of stuff that went in one ear and out the other...). But I don't really WANT to. I'd rather just hand it to him and go ho hum about my way.

And so I stare at Al and wonder if we will ever get along, my phone and I. I've figured out a few things, like how to put instant dial icons on my homepage...which is NOT done like my old phone at all! I also can take pictures and video, and I have sorta' figured out facebook...except why I am not getting alerts as to when I have a facebook message, though I liked the way my old phone did facebook better and have no idea how to get back to that, or if that's even possible. (And my husband doesn't really know how to help me with that one, as he doesn't use facebook, so he doesn't really remember how it was set up.) The voice recognition isn't very good with my accent, but this phone seems to be a hair better than my old one. But just a hair. It still corrects a lot of stuff the wrong way. (See, even my voice is not set to work with technology...) And it is faster. I'll give it that. And I will really like having my music on there...when I get it on there. :)

And of course, there is the case. It's called an Otter Box. And it's supposed to protect my phone from such catastrophies as caused by human wrecking balls such as myself. :) Of course, it makes the phone quite large and look like something Taylor and his men would use in Terra Nova. (Very military looking.)

Shrug. Oh, well. When it's all said and done, it IS just a phone, right? And I'll eventually get it figured out...hopefully before it's time for a new phone...

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