Thursday, January 12, 2012

Old Fashioned Skills...

Okay, so a friend of mine has this post on her blog, about having skills that some people consider to be "old fahioned." And, of course, it made me want to list my own set of skills, to see what all I have accomplished through the years...

Let's see. I can:
*crochet (mostly self-taught, though my two friends Amy and Anya got me started. THANKS!)
*Knit (self taught, though this is a new skill and I still need some practice...)
*hand quilt (also self-taught)
*crosstitch (also self-taught)
*embroidery (Thanks Maw-maw!)
*sew (with and without a machine...taught me by my mother)
*bake from scratch (thanks Mom!)
*Make my own butter...Note: My brother got me a German butter mold for Christmas. I soooo can't wait to put it to use!!! I could do the whole yogurt, cream cheese stuff, but frankly, not a big fan of either. Oh well. I do make homemade ice cream, though. And just recently homemade slushes/Icees.)
*garden (Thanks Dad and Mom!)
*Can fruits and jams (usually pressure can, but I can water bath can, as well.)
*Make homeade jams and jellies.
*Make homemade from scratch candy...esp. marshmallows. I LOVE homemade marshmallowes!
*grow my own herbs (though the horrible drought this year kind of killed a bunch of mine. Sigh. I do not dry them, though. Tried once, and the potent smell of drying basil just about kicked my husband out of the house with headaches. Oh, well.)
*Camp - and by that, I mean the stuff that goes with it, like setting up a tent, or finding an appropriate stick for roasting marshmallows, sharpening said sick wih pocket knife, making a proper campfire...etc.)
*And though I have not ever made it on my own, I have helped make homemade sausage with my dad.
*Have not raised them on my own, but have a general understanding of raising hogs and goats from my childhood.
*I can put down tile. :) I'm good with grout.
*Write - I know this isn't necessarily an OLD FASHIONED skill, except that I believe it is quickly becoming so as people turn to texts and emails (guilty here) so often that we forget HOW to write, be it a letter, a poem, a story, whatever...

Skills I am looking to learn:
*making soap and other sorts of cosmetics. I want to make lip balm SOOOO bad. Is that weird? :)

Wow, Amy! You're right. Makes you feel right pleased with what you can do when you write it all out, doesn't it? :) Also realized how in sync we seem to be, Amy! Okay, girl, let's start that soap, huh? :)

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-mimi- said...

lol, I have a recipe for lip balm if you are interested :) and yes we need to get started on that soap!