Sunday, May 24, 2009

Eye Candy

I just love pretty things. Bright colors and pretty patterns in fabric, glass beads that catch the light and sparkle... So, I made up a bunch of these little "pretties." I took them to the craft fair, and I've slowly started adding some of them to my etsy shop, but I just can't decide about these ponytail holders, in particular. They're just so adorable! And to see them in Little Bit's gorgeous hair...well, I just can't decide if they would serve us better in my shop or in her little hairclip jar in her bathroom. LOL And it doesn't help that she's just as hooked by eye candy as I am. Of course, I can always make more...for her or the shop or whatever... LOL I've already started making her a set of varying colored she can match everything. She's big into matching. Actually, she's kind of funny, my Little Bit. She's pretty much straight down the middle of girl and tom boy. While, she's NOT a little princess (and will tell you so, outright, if you try and call her that...), she's also not boy-ish (unless you count her love of trucks...). She wants to play in the dirt, is in love with airplanes and big trucks, and is louder than a locomotive when she gets going....BUT.... she also loves to match and wear pretty dresses (not frilly, mind you), and she has the tenderest heart of gold. As far as I'm concerned, she's taken the bost of best worlds and fused them into her own little unique world...a world I am SOOOO glad I get to be a part of....and, according to her, a very important part, I must add, beaming. :)
Still, though, no child needs fifty or so bracelets or hairclips, and they're just so much fun to make! LOL So, what do you think? A good shop addition? Or not worth the effort to bother? shrug.
Still, even as I write this, I'm eyeing the ones I made in MY size, trying to decide how many I can get away with keeping in my own jewlery box.........Well, at least she gets it honest.

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