Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Few of My Favorites...

1. What is your favorite home-cooked meal? Hmm...hard one for me, really. But I'd probably have to go with chicken and dressing or fried pork chops with mashed potatoes and country gravy and peas.
2. What is your favorite meal to order in? Pizza. Definately pizza. Either cheese or Ham and Pineapple if I feel adventurous. LOL
3. Where's your favorite restaurant? Hmm...Either Cracker Barrel or Mellow Mushroom. I'm not big on the fancy-type restaurants. I'm more of a pizza place kind of girl. LOL
4. What's your favorite thing to wear (0utfit)? summer, my J.Crew khaki shorts and my new black J.Crew t-shirt with either my Birks or my J.Crew flipflops (I am such a J.Crew girl!), probably. In fall/winter, my AE jeans a t-shirt, and one of my three Gap cardigans and my Timberlands.
5. What's your favorite pasttime? Hmm...Probably sewing or writing, depending on my mood.
6. Describe your favorite day? sitting at the desk in the middle of a writing spurt, while it thunders and pours outside all day long. Or hiking in the cool, crisp fall evening...that's nice, too.
7. What is your favorite dessert? Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies...and brownies. : )
8. What is your favorite piece of jewelry (besides a wedding ring)? That's hard...either my silver Celtic Cross or my silver Claddagh ring. I got both in England.
9. What is your favorite music style? Again, so hard. I love bluegrass...makes me feel like home. :) But I probably listen to more rock, pop than anything.
10. What is your favorite sound? Birds chirping in the morning, crickets at night, and I so love the sound of rain. :) Ooo..and windchimes.
11. What is your favorite smell? Oranges. :)
12. What is your favorite drink? Homemade Raspberry Lemonade. :)

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