Sunday, May 17, 2009

New Stuff in Shop!

Well, I finished the craft fair and was sorely disappointed when there was hardly anyone there! Unfortunately, someone planned this one the SAME day as two other VERY BIG fairs. shrug. Oh, well. Very poor planning on someone's part. At any rate, though everyone that came DID like my stuff, and the sock monsters were a big hit! :) But the good news is that now I have LOTS to put in my shop at etsy. :) So, here I go...only it takes FOREVER to upload all the photos, so I'm gonna' have to work on it over the next week. But I did get a few things in. So, if anyone wants to check it out. It's .
Hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm just waiting on the rain...oh, please let it rain! My poor garden's going to dry up and blow away if it doesn't start raining soon...

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-mimi- said...

Sorry to hear that there were not many people there :( I know I am going to have quite a list for you when we finally have another baby. Those blankets you make are beyond adorable....ever think about branching out into crib sets? Let me know!