Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheese Danish

I LOVE Cheese danishes. Almost to the point of wrong-ness. LOL There are few things more delightful to me than a fresh (still warm) cheese danish (or if you can't get right out of the oven, you can nuke one for a few seconds until it's nice and warm and soft again), drizzled in a glaze icing with a nice tall glass of milk. It's almost heavenly. But these were things you bought at the bakery or enjoyed at some luncheon that someone bought and brought from who know's where. This was not something you make at home. Was it? And then one day, I was watching the Barefoot Contessa as she made her own version of the EASY cheese danish, and something inside me clicked...and rejoiced! I COULD MAKE MY OWN????? So, I can guarantee you I went right out to get the ingredients (though I do cook often, I generally bake "normal" at home goodies (cookies, cakes, brownies, muffins, etc), and I had never before enjoyed the wonders of frozen puff pastry. Oh, yeah, it's probably better for all had I NOT found this out.) But I whipped them up and BAM, perfection. :)

Delicious, delectable, de-LIGHT-FUL! (Those of you who have watched the Upside Down show regularly might actually appreciate that little reference. Awesome kid show...even if you're not a kid...) I did make a couple minor changes. She only folds two corners, but I found it made an odd shape, and I could only fit half as many on my stone that way, so I made them square, and I added that little drizzle of icing, because, COME ON! You gotta' have icing! What was she thinking?! LOL No, really, they'd be very good without the icing, but I much prefer them WITH, I can promise you. And I don't put too much, as you can see, just enough to give it that extra little boost of sweetness to compliment my deliciously tall glass of extra cold milk (If you put it in the freeze for about ten minutes or so, you actually get a tiny sheet of ice on top. Ah...I'm actually shivering with anticipation... The only drawback...I wouldn't exactly call this a "cheaper" version of the dessert/breakfast/snack, though I guess it would depend on where you buy yours and so on. The puff pastry itself isn't exactly cheap, as a whole box will only make eight, though it probably comes out about the same as buying them at some decently priced bakery. But, I'm serious, just the JOY of being able to say, "hey, I made cheese danishes today." is enough satisfaction for me to say, "Oh, yes. It was worth every penny."

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