Monday, May 10, 2010

Twin Re-joining Syndrome

Okay, so my boys have this not so lovely little condition. It's called Twin Re-joining syndrome and it occurs when their now separate molecules attempt to occupy the same space at the same moment, or re-combine with one another. The symptoms are quite stressing as both boys will repeatedly run SMACK into one another on a depressingly frequent basis. And, friends, I'm not talking a little bump on the noggin. I'm talking, full body, head-to-toe impact that sends both of them sprawling flat on their backs, screaming in agony as the new knots start to form on their foreheads. This is, I have decided, their bodies trying to rejoin, as apparently they aren't content to be only near each other and will repeatedly try to occupy the same space at precisely the same moment. As I've said, this occurs sometimes more than once a day, with no warning, whatsoever. It can occur in any area of the house, completely randomly, completely sporadic. And as you can see, quite stressful! I'm not sure what you can do about it, only that hopefully as they grow older, their little twin molecules will become happy in their single little bodies and stop this very frustrating habit. Until then I can only stock up on ice packs. sigh.

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Theresa G said...

heh. poor you, and poor them!