Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wrist Warmers

So, I have this weird fascination with fingerless gloves. Not sure why, except they just seem so freakin' COOL. :) Maybe it's my love of fantasy/sci-fi. I mean, of course the rougue mercenary archer's gonna' have a pair (made in leather, of course, and looking like they're about a hundred years old...still cool...), or the guys on the run from the mad robots, living underground like in Terminator. They have to have a pair. C'mon. BUT, as I'm not a mercenary archer, nor on the run from mad robots, mine are much more "cozy" in a nice thick, chunky rust-colored acrylic yarn. (Lion Brand Yarn Jiffy in Rust color) They are warm and cozy and soft and were super easy to make. I think they will go great with my orange wool coat, or just with a nice long sleeve t-shirt. And it will free up my fingers, which I love, since I HATE how you can never grip anything properly wearing REAL gloves or (shudder) mittens! (I HATE mittens for that very reason.) Anyway, I was quite pleased with how they turned out and will be making me another, longer (to the elbows) pair probably out of the same yarn in brown. My Little Bit has also requested a pair in brown to wear to school in the fall when it gets cooler. :) I was, of course, flattered. Maybe she'll have my taste in movies, too.

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