Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One More

And here we go again. Same pattern, different sleeves and a contrasting strip sewn to the bottom (that matches the sleeves and bodice). This is my favorite pattern for her so far, though she's about to outgrow it...I'm having to alter it already. Wanted to get a few more tops out of it before I couldn't use it any more.

And the plus...I made the whole thing (minus cutting out, which I already did) in one day! WITH (and here's the clencher) the kids playing around me. I put my old machine in the kitchen and went at it while they played. AND I even took them, GASP, in my sewing room to do the button holes (my new machine does that SO much better.) And they didn't destroy anything! LOL Finally, the boys are getting old enough to start (slowly) taking them with me in the sewing room. They're just so rambunctious and there's so much for them to get hurt on in there, that I've tried to keep them out most of the time. But it's coming!! Yea!!

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