Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Skirt

I have had this skirt for me cut out for well over a year now. (Tells how often I actually sew for MYSELF, right? LOL) I kept pushing it aside, needing to work on more urgent projects, like clothes for the kids, or more interesting projects, like my fall quilt. But FINALLY, I got around to this the other day. And while I won't put it in my favorite things ever catagory, I'm fairly pleased with it, I must say.

New Look 6811

I will say that I shouldn't have used such a busy fabric and still did the pockets. They blend in and you can't even see them. It would have made more sense to just do simple ones for all that they almost disappear into the pattern. Also, as cute as I thought the fabric was (and I wasn't about to use expensive or my favorite to try out a pattern I wasn't sure I'd like anyway), it's really hard to match, actually, and I don't think this particular shade of pink (almost a salmon, but not exactly) is actually anyone's color. LOL Also, since I cut it out a YEAR ago, I've actually lost a smidge of weight since then (no complaining here) and it's a tad too big. (ah. Darn.) Of course, I had added a little bit of width to it, so now I can make it exactly by the pattern and not have to worry about that. So, that's good. :) But all in all, I have to say it's a simple, good pattern, and a nice skirt. :) Best of all, it's COMFORTABLE!! Which is a HUGE plus for me. I think I will definately use this pattern again, though this time, I will use a khaki or a linen for it, maybe, and I think I want one long one for this fall. (Though as hot as it's been lately, it's hard to think it will EVER be cool again! LOL)

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