Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stop Its

This was just too funny not to share. For some reason, unbeknownst to all but them, my baby boys have decided that Cocoa Puffs are called "Stop Its." You can imagine the look on my face the first time they asked for these. And how hard I laughed when I figured out what they were talking about. The ONLY (and I mean ONLY) thing I can think of is one of the first days I offered them some, one of them (I don't remember which one now) was trying to take his brother's, and he didn't like it. (Get it? Stop its?) So, I figured maybe that was it...they think of them as those things they have to defend from the other, maybe? LOL They are so hilarious, my babies. And SOOOO in sync with each other. They are, of course, identical twins, so this makes sense, but it constantly amazes me how they ALWAYS understand each other, even when they say things that apparently make no sense to me. Like Stop Its. :)

And I still get a little giggle every time I get to say, "Hurry up and eat your stop its, hun." :)


Theresa G said...

I laugh anytime a think of a pickled egg. *shaking my head* If Mr.whatever-his-name-was-German teacher had had better hearing...that class would have been so dull!

Jill said...